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Tips for Winning Poker

Tip 2: Do not adopt a constant game
You must vary your style of play so that your opponent cannot anticipate your reaction. Vary between these different styles:

Tip 3: Determine the playing style of your opponents
You must be aware of the style of play your opponents are playing to adopt a counter-attack strategy. If your opponent is aggressive, wait for him at the turn when you have a good hand. On the contrary, if your opponent is passive, you can win against him by playing aggressively.

Tip 4: Analyze the response time of your opponents
By playing online poker, you don’t have a lot of information to exploit on your opponents, you cannot know if they are shaking, if they are looking away, if they are sweating, like at a real table poker. On the other hand, can you use clues as an unusual response time? too fast ? too slow? You will still have to put your deductions into perspective … Indeed, the player can play on several tables, he may have lost his internet connection, or gone for a break

Tip 5: Don’t bet too big
Sometimes novices hit a double pair and are convinced they have an unbeatable hand, and put a lot (too) of chips into play. Remember that any set or suite can beat a double pair. So, be careful with the bets you place on the carpet, do not be too sure of yourself!

Tip 6: Take into account the position of the players
The position of the players must be taken into account. The way to bet is different depending on whether you are placed before or after your main opponent. If you are the last to speak, you are in a strong position to act, because you know the reaction of all your opponents.

Tip 7: Adapt your bets at the table
Bet according to the bets placed on the table . If you bet too much on a table where the bets are low, your opponents will never follow you. On the other hand, if you bet too little on a table where the bets are high, you may often fold.

Tip 8: Take care during breaks
Certain games of poker can last a long time , your concentration can decrease when you remain several hours on PokerStars. It is therefore advisable to take regular breaks and take advantage of tournament breaks to stretch your legs and mind.

Tip # 9: Don’t bluff too much!
Beginners tend to want to bluff too often . It is advisable to use bluff sparingly. Your opponents will quickly understand your style of play if you bluff too often. Choose the right times to use the bluff strategy.

Tip # 10: Concentrate
To play poker well, you must be focused on the game in progress , and not be distracted by your partner, your troubles at work, your dog or other … This will save you from careless mistakes .