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How To Win Online Blackjack Without Counting

Blackjack is probably one of the only casino games in which a player has a decent chance at the house!  Yeah, yeah… That’s if, though, you have a simple strategy. If you know how, you can minimize to 5 percent the players ‘ disadvantage by making the board game blackjack the best chance to win in the casino!

Don’t worry, we won’t give it up in the dark… We’ll cover it with our best tips and tricks that help you win online blackjack in no time.  Continue reading to find out why many betting systems don’t work… What ones work and how are the new capabilities subtly applied to beat the dealer again and again?

Advanced blackjack tips and tricks You need to follow the advice of other experts to play blackjack online like a pro.  Luckily we have come up with the useful tips for giving you a solid and unfailing strategy on blackjack:

1. Forget about this game’s strategy. Talking like a “player” can be dangerous when you play online gambling because it’s a statistically based game, not luck.  Learn a “fundamental strategy” table and you’ll know how to play any hand you want.

2.  Touch still… If you’ve received a total of 8 cards or not, just make sure you hit (take another card) or double (double wager) or stays between 9 and 16 ONLY while reading 17-21 cards!

3.  Not separated… Pairs of 4, 5 or 10 and don’t even worry about number 12 to 16 if the dealer has 7 or more in total.

4.  Don’t be covered… This is one part of the traditional blackjack rules that may be overlooked because it does not alter your side’s probability.

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